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The John Fawcett Foundation – Yayasan Kemanusiaan Indonesia

Intrasia Capital supports The Yayasan Kemanusiaan Indonesia (the Indonesian Humanitarian Foundation) which works together with The John Fawcett Foundation to combat blindness and debilitating sickness among the poor in Indonesia. The Foundation works in cooperation with Indonesian Provincial and district governments to conduct its humanitarian programs offering its services free of charge.

Indonesia has the world’s second highest rate of blindness with 1.7 percent of the population – nearly 4 million people – blind, of which some 60 percent are cataract blind – a curable disease. On average nearly every minute an Indonesian is denied the fundamental right to sight.

Yayasan Kemanusiaan Indonesia was established in Bali to develop and expand the work done by John Fawcett, a remarkable humanitarian, on the island of Bali and beyond. In 1989 he commenced facial reconstruction operations for children afflicted with cleft lip and palate and condemned to a life of misery. From 1991 he developed a mobile cataract operating clinic to undertake cataract surgery for free to the poor. A People’s Eye Hospital was added to this endeavour in 1997 supported by the Bali Government and Department of Health. More recently, eye clinics have been installed in Lombok and a mobile clinic for cataract surgery has commenced operating in South Kalimantan. The results of these endeavours have been astonishing – more than 30,000 successful sight restoration operations, 1,520 cleft lip and palate reconstructions, 150 children saved from certain death by life-saving procedures and over 700,000 Balinese treated for general eye ailments – all for free.

Graeme Robertson as founding Chairman of both Foundations has had close involvement in assisting John Fawcett in the establishment of expanding humanitarian efforts. It is this experience that influences the strong humanitarian emphasis Intrasia Capital places on its business developments and effective community action.