We invest in promising companies around the world with a specific focus on Asia, Australia and the Indian Ocean region. Intrasia Capital is capable of delivering performance across multiple sectors, stages and geographies.


understanding businesses

Intrasia Capital is a Mauritius-based private, value-oriented portfolio investor investing proprietary capital in exceptional businesses, with a focus on investing in and developing high growth international public and private companies in the energy and resources, real estate, financial services and agricultural sectors.

Intrasia Capital is not a mutual fund, a hedge fund or a private equity fund. Managing proprietary capital gives us the independence to implement strategies that maximise absolute performance over the long-term, free from the need to report short-term performance or the risks of redemptions.

Our business strategy is to develop businesses that have a humanitarian emphasis with a meaningful impact on human life and well-being, as well as an emphasis on profitability – a win/win strategy.

We have invested across a wide variety of sectors and geographies, at all stages of a company’s growth: from providing seed capital through to expertise in the growth stages. Our particular expertise is in business development in emerging and frontier markets with current operations in Mozambique, Madagascar and Tanzania, as well as Mauritius, Australia and Singapore.

actively managing portfolio companies

Intrasia Capital has developed strong partnership relationships in working with management to provide strategic and financial support for our portfolio companies including:

  • Managing strategic directions
  • Recruiting other executives
  • Providing strategy counsel
  • Optimizing capital structures
  • Assisting in the structuring of corporate social responsibility
  • Arranging senior level customer introductions

Intrasia Capital’s approach begins with the formation of successful partnerships with the management teams of our portfolio companies. Working in the business alongside management, we refine strategic and operational plans and help with their implementation.


Staying in close and constant contact with the portfolio company at many different levels enables us to actively monitor business performance. This partnership culture has cultivated an environment conducive to collaboration and strategic leveraging of Intrasia Capital’s extensive network to generate innovative business ideas that optimise the potential of our portfolio companies.